Pocket coils unlike other coils are individually encased and uniquely joined in the centre, allowing them to work independently. When two people sleep together on a pocket coil mattress, the reduction in motion transfer from tossing and turning partners results in less sleep interruptions, and therefore a better night’s sleep.

By conforming to the body’s shape, pocket coils provide superior support to the spine, taking pressure off the discs and muscles in the lower back. Furthermore, by reducing pressure point contact to the elbows, hips, ribs and shoulder blades, pocket coils improve circulation and can provide relief from health issues such as arthritis and numbness of the hands or feet.Pocket Coils make for less tossing and turning, better blood flow and more oxygen to the body, and therefore longer, less interrupted REM and DEEP sleep cycles. The end result is waking up more rested, restored and rejuvenated … an improvement to overall health.