The leading trigger of asthma and allergies at night, are allergens in and around your mattress and pillow. As we sleep we constantly shed skin and perspire creating the perfect buffet and living conditions for allergens such as dust mites.

The best solution to keeping mattresses and pillows fresh and hygienic, and to create a safe and healthy sleep environment, is by using mattress pads and/or mattress and pillow protectors, and washing these frequently in hot water, They do not alter the comfort of the mattress, and they can be washed and dried which makes sleeping with the enemy a thing of the past.

Your Mattress

The best way to keep a mattress clean and fresh for years to come, is to protect it with a protector, and to wash the protector regularly in extremely hot water.Wash& Dry them in the highest temperatures (up to 390°F without shrinkage or dilapidation) for a 100% sanitary protector. All protectors are breathable, temperature neutral & dust mite proof. If you have small children who wet the bed, a mattress protector is highly recommended to prevent bacteria from contaminating the mattress.

Restin Mattress Protector

  1. Protects the top and sides of mattress.
  2. Sewn with medical grade micron needles. Keeps dust mites and dust mite feces out of your mattress.
  3. Prevents moisture build up in the mattress. Mites, mould and mildew thrive in moist conditions.
  4. Wicks away perspiration and other moisture rather than repelling it back to the sleeper.
  5. Saves You Money.