What's Covered
A mattress warranty is your protection against defective workmanship, or product failure. This includes, but is not limited to, defects such as sagging,coils or wires that come loose or poke through the fabric and  excessive coil or foam compression.

What's not Covered

The following is a general list of what’s NOT covered under most mattress warranties:

  1. Comfort issues (unless related to a defect).
  2. Body impressions.
  3. Normal Wear and Tear.
  4. Stained or soiled mattresses.
  5. Sagging due to a lack of proper frame support.
  6. Bent border wires.
  7. Loose threads, pilling or stretching of fabrics.
  8. Mattress handles.
  9. Accidental Damages.
  10. Damage related to obvious abuse (walking, jumping or standing on).
  11. Mattresses and foundations missing law labels (do not remove).
  12. The cost of transportation to and from your home.

The Warranty Process

As warranties are provided by the manufacturer, final decisions rest with them. To help validate your warranty, as well as to increase mattress comfort life, we’ve compiled the following list of “TIPS”.

  1. Keep a copy of your invoice. No invoice! No warranty!
  2. Support your mattress based on the manufacturer’s warranty card recommendations.
  3. If you accidentally damage your mattress, the warranty could be void. To avoid damage, be careful when moving or bending a mattress.
  4. Never remove law or name tag labels. Doing so may give your warranty the death sentence, as these labels often identify the production date, the dealer name, warranty codes, and the model number.
  5. Never walk or jump on a mattress or foundation. Walking and jumping depressions are easily determined, and will definitely void your warranty.
  6. The number one reason for warranty refusal is stains. For this reason we recommend a quality mattress protector. While not a guarantee against staining, quality fabric protectors are removable and washable, and will help keep a mattress fresh, clean, and stain resistant.
  7. To increase mattress comfort life, rotate your mattress frequently.